The Breath of the Wind - From the sea to the mountain

Over forty years have elapsed since the first of the two videos was launched. DVD 2 brings digitalized images of super-8 films I shot in 1973, and the aim of this edition is to build a record of my experiments in those days. At the beginning of the 70s, a super-8 camera was state-of-the-art, and I handled it without knowing the first things about this technology, moved only by my liking for experimenting, my passion for colours and my desire to expand painting. Then in the desert Barra Beach, I registered an experiment with pigments on the sand. I went on shooting in different places, especially in Ilha Grande and in Itatiaia, the rain falling on the lake, the transparences and the water rippling to the breath of the wind. Most of those films were lost, the colours went dull and died off. Only a very few fragments survived time and, in my memory, all that remained was the poetic path I developed while engaged in dialogue with nature, the breath of the wind and the ripples on the water.

I can see clearly that my experiences in those days were essential to the development of my work and, still today, it seeps though my paintings with seminal strength. The poetic of impermanence expresses change, our common heritage, given that of water and empty spaces we are made. Emptiness that houses mystery – Seven veils that we sought to unveil -, a space in which we are not, but that we walk to in order to be there. It is this certainty that compelled me to choose a new itinerary in line with my creative gesture of those days.

The Breath of the Wind is the record of the history of this geographic and temporal movement and of the connection existing between them.

DVD I. 18'58'', Rio de Janeiro, 2015

DVD II. Original version: Super 8 (1973). 14'06'', Rio de Janeiro, 2015